Friday, February 14, 2020

Short Informal Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Short Informal Report - Essay Example During the follow-up visits, I cemented a rapport with the exhibitor representatives and ensured that they received appropriate Indium Corporation literature. Most of the exhibitors were manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, veterinary drugs, agrochemicals, and other chemical products. Chemical products distributors were also well represented. Most manufacturers were interested in the poster since some chemicals that Indium manufactures are raw materials for these companies. A good percentage of the distributors also had an eye on our poster. In total, according to my judgment, about ten exhibitors had a particular interest in Indium Corporation products. Our representatives gave them the Indium Corporation brochure and mini-poster (with Sticker). Five of them received the full-size version of the poster. I told exhibitors that I would telephone them within two weeks for purposes of following up. Richard Harris, technical manager, Grand Saw Machine Company. The company is a distributor of industrial chemicals for metal cutting, maintenance, cleaning, corrosion protection, lubrication, laboratory chemicals, and machine wear reduction. Products include sawing fluids, brighteners, laboratory reactants, sawing fluids, and cleaners. Ronald Franklin, regional manager, Kinex Pharmaceuticals. The company makes pharmaceutical products such as immunology and anti-cancer therapeutics. They thus require starting as well as intermediate raw materials like anhydrous acetate, hydroxide hydrated, and sulfate. Brenda Stinson, General Manager, Dynasty Chemical Corporation. The company requires chemicals from the manufacturing industries in order to distribute to customers. Indium Corporation manufactures most of the chemicals that the distributor needs. The conference gave me an overall impression that that there is a growing market for industrial chemicals.

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